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Craton Consulting, Inc. is a rapidly-growing, professional software consulting firm. We provide software solutions to major automobile, mortgage, and insurance companies, as well as financial institutions. Quality is our number one priority, whether developing software projects or providing on-site consulting services. Founded by people who have worked in the software industry for many years, Craton Consulting was built on the principle that the employees are our greatest asset. We understand technology and stay current with new trends and advancements.

Craton has a team of highly experienced and skilled consultants available to support your needs. We have talented software professionals who quickly grasp and adapt to the client's working environment; developing projects in a timely manner. Craton Consulting key strength is its people. Our consultants utilize their business and technical knowledge by working closely with each client to analyze the business challenge and promptly deliver strategic advice with real impact. Our highly qualified consultants enable us to consistently meet and exceed the needs of our clients.


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